Site policy / goals

  • We preserve C64 tapes (for disks see C64 Preservation Project, for cartridges Mayhem 64)
  • No download of taps for ordinary users (only for research)
    • Its legal status is not clear, it eats LOTS of bandwidth and it's not why this site exists.
    • Raw dumps available to developers who can help analyze loaders.
    • Tapes available to developers/researchers so that more information about the games can be provided.
  • We are a preservation and research project
    • We want to preserve as many tapes and information about those tapes as possible before it's too late.
  • We're a non-profit project
    • No ads
    • No membership fees
  • Open discussions / plans
  • Create a strong community for preservation
  • Open database format
    • All information will be available and there will be no closed database formats.
  • All data owned by the community, NOT the site admins
  • Change copyright notes (footer) when it's decided to whom/what enitity it's to be transfered to.
  • Open Publication License (OPL) might be considered.


Rules for adding tapes to the database

  • You should own the tapes or know someone who do AND get the data about the game1) from the packaging.
  • If a game title start with 'The', put it at the end like this: 'Game, The'.
  • If the game has got a subtitle, put it behind main title after a ': '.
  • Prepositions and 'the' inside sentences should be all small caps.
  • Please remember to add the publisher of YOUR ACTUAL release in the publisher field.
    • That is: Rereleases and compilations use the publisher of the rerelease/compilation.
  • Don't set the Year field if you don't know the year YOUR ACTUAL release was in the STORES.
  • Only use barcode numbers from original game package (inlay for tape games).
    • Use 'None' if no barcode, or Incomplete if damaged.
  • The tap and raw filenames use the IN-GAME name of the game as the filename.
  • Multiple versions/packaging of the same game get their own entries in the db.
    • Different barcode numbers → new db entry.
    • Different inlay → new db entry.
    • They MIGHT share the same tap. We don't handle multiple version of cassette label prints for now.
  • Inlay scans are done in 300dpi in png format.
    • You may scan the TEXT ONLY pages without colors in grayscale.
    • If there are colors, you scan it in colors.
  • The cover is a 'cropped' front inlay resized to a width of 300 pixels and in jpg
  • Don't fill in the scanned_by field if you don't intend to do that work.
  • Please remember that scans, dumps and screenshots follow a SPECIFIC version of the game.
    • Screenshots are made from the taps OF THAT game. NOT some other dump from the Internet.
  • Filenames for taps, raw taps and docs:
    • title = in-game title
    • dumper= username of dumper
    • id = game id (xxxx)
    • raw taps: title_dumper_id.zip [files: title_dumper_id_RAW-X.tap or .dmp for dc2n files]
    • taps: title_id.zip [files: title (Side x)_id.tap]
    • docs: title_id_doc.zip [files: ]
    • Remember: 'a' and 'the' at end of sentence, and ':' becomes '-'
  • If in doubt, PLEASE ASK BEFORE adding data to the database.
  • Suggestions/improvements are always welcome.
  • There are currently some db fields that can't be added/changed without a SQL client.
  • Adding and editing db entries will be possible from the wiki soon.

SUMMARY: ALL data should come from original game/packaging and the dump of THAT game.

Rules for creating pages in the Wiki

See Syntax. Do all your testing in the playground.

More to come.

1) When referring to game, we really mean everything released on tape for the Commodore 64

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